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Pitched Roofs or Flat Roofs in Warrington | What’s Best for You?

Having a new roof installed on your extension in Warrington and you’ve come to us to undertake the required roofing services? Are you undecided on what type of roof to have? Because new roofs tend to be either flat roofs or pitched roofs, we weigh up many factors in our capacity as a roofing contractor when offering advice to our clients.


This includes information on costs and the benefits. If the existing building in Warrington is suffering from dampness, we can also provide damp proofing treatments.


Here, we provide details on the advantages of flat roofs and pitched roofs.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are usually installed on garages, extensions and outhouses. Although they are not entirely flat so as to enable drainage, flat roofs are a simple and straightforward installation for a roofing contractor. The flat roofs we supply for customers in Warrington are usually covered with EPDM Firestone Rubber Cover, which is a lasting, durable surface.


EPDM is maintenance-free and has a lifespan of up to 50 years. EPDM synthetic rubber is a 100% cured, single-ply membrane and one of the world’s most popular surfaces for new roofs. We also work with other materials such as felt and GRP fibreglass but, for longevity, the Firestone Rubber Cover surface is the one we most commonly use.


Flat roofs are generally cheaper than pitched roofs because less material is used and a roofing contractor can get the job done quicker. The same goes for repairs on flat roofs. These can be undertaken quickly at your Warrington property and, once again, EPDM is a less labour-intensive choice for repairing pitched roofs.


All new roofs come with a long-term guarantee so, if you’re in need of damp proofing or flat roof repairs, don’t hesitate to call today. The roofing services we supply to customers in Warrington are also competitively-priced.

Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofing is still the most common installation for new roofs in Warrington and, of course, across the UK. Most of the work we do as a roofing contractor is on pitched roofs.  We take pride in being able to offer complete roofing services for the installation and repair of all pitched roofs, however old the construction may be.


One of the major advantages of pitched roofing is that more and more customers are using the space underneath the roof to add a bedroom, an office or a bathroom. Loft conversions are a great way of giving your Warrington home extra space without having to move. This is always something to consider if you’re thinking of growing your family and will be looking for extra room space to accommodate a new baby.


At SWF Roofing and Building Ltd, we offer free quotes on all types of new roofs for your Warrington property and we let you decide what would work best for you. Flat roofs will work out cheaper but may not provide the aesthetic or space you get from pitched roofs. If you’re working to a strict budget, flat roofs will allow a bit more leeway in price. In fact, all of our roofing services, including damp proofing, are competitively priced.

For rendering or repointing in Chester and Warrington, call 01948 818417. We are the building and roofing contractor of choice for many customers in the North West.

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