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Damp Proofing in Chester, Warrington & the North West

Damp is one of the most common and most damaging problems to affect properties. On top of the structural issues dampness causes, it can also have a negative effect on your health. At SWF Roofing and Building Ltd, we provide residential and commercial property owners in Chester, Warrington, the North West and North Wales with effective damp proofing services which help in protecting properties and eliminating dampness permanently.


The most obvious signs of dampness are mould and concerning patches appearing on walls. Also, if paint or wallpaper is starting to flake, the chances are that dampness has set in. The knock-on effect from water entering your property is further problems such as wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. As any homeowner in Chester, Warrington or the North West who has suffered from subsequent timber decay will tell you, this type of issue can be very costly.


The damp proofing course is laid between the bricks near to ground level, which should stop damp rising from the ground up through the walls. We also carry out a range of specialist plastering services to ensure your walls stay dry, both inside and out. If your property in Chester or Warrington has already had a course of damp proofing but has somehow become compromised, we provide a fresh course to remove the threat of dampness.

Damp Proofing for Condensation, Rising Damp, Dry and Wet Rot

Using our specialist damp proofing services will rid your home of the following problems:


Rising Damp – Buildings absorb moisture from the ground, which causes damage to the foundations. Dampness like this will usually affect the bottom floor of a property first. Our damp proofing team will provide a fresh course to combat the onset of moisture affecting properties buildings in Chester, Warrington or any of the surrounding areas.


Penetrating Damp – Older properties tend to suffer from penetrating damp. This usually happens where rain or water from a leaking pipe has worked through the brickwork. The subsequent effect sees bricks erode and this lets in significant water through the walls. If dampness problems have reached this stage, please make sure you call us now.


Our damp proofing personnel are experts in providing responsive solutions at this level.


Condensation – The most common type of dampness is condensation. Condensation is especially destructive in the winter months because the moisture in the air and the colder temperatures react with the warmth of your home to cause possible long-term damage if left untreated. Dampness can cause common colds and chest problems so, to avoid illness, call us now for damp proofing treatments in Chester, Warrington and the North West.


Woodworm, Dry and Wet Rot – If your Chester or Warrington property has woodworm, dry rot or wet rot, we are well-placed to offer advice and to help with any ongoing issues. Our experienced team of damp proofing experts will pinpoint the source of the problem and will also recommend a suitable course of action for dealing with it.

For damp proofing in Chester, Warrington, the North West and North Wales, call 01948 818417.

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