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Flat Roofs in Chester | Advantages of Flat Roofs for Your Home

When it comes to deciding on a roof for your Chester home or extension, flat roofs are often overlooked, but you may be surprised that they come with many benefits. In this blog post, we look at these advantages and how SWF Roofing & Building Ltd can help with our bespoke new roofs. As a leading roofing contractor for the North West, we specialise in providing roofing services such as installations, repairs, damp proofing, pointing and rendering.


What is a Flat Roof?


Flat roofs or ‘low slope’ roofs have been used in construction for decades and can be found all over the world. They are especially common in warmer climates and characteristic of Egyptian, Persian and Arabian styles of architecture, but are also regularly used in the UK. Flat roofing has always been a popular choice for home extensions and garages, but with an increasing trend for modern and green architecture, are being more widely used as new roofs for the whole property.

Although the name suggests they are completely flat, our roofing contractors in Chester explain that they are actually slightly sloped at around 10 degrees. This is vital for helping water to drain away yet still level enough to be able to use the roof space, especially with high-quality damp proofing membranes.


Benefits of Flat Roofs



One of the leading benefits of flat roofing is the cost. They are often significantly lower in price than other new roofs because they are quicker to complete and require less materials and labour. Roof repairs or replacements can also be done in a very cost-effective way.


Advanced Materials

Modern flat roofs use high-performance materials such as single-sheet EPDM, a specialist material with a seamless finish. Our roofing contractor company use Firestone Rubber Cover for our roofing services in Chester, as it has an expected lifespan of up to 50 years.



Because flat roofs are fairly level, they are much more accessible than other types of roofing. This makes them easier and safer to maintain, with a much lower risk of slipping when you are on the roof. Damp proofing methods such as waterproof membranes are also used to safely protect your property from moisture.



Green roofs have become increasingly popular in Chester and throughout the UK, for their sustainability and eco-friendly advantages. Not only are they beautiful in design, blending into the surrounding landscape, but their environmental benefits are widely recognised. When installing green new roofs, high-quality damp proofing membrane and a moisture-retaining layer are both required.



Unlike other new roofs, flat roofing creates a versatile external space that you can actual use. Simply talk to our roofing contractors about turning flat roofs into a relaxing terrace area or roof garden. As experts in building and roofing, we have the skill and equipment to install bespoke roofing designs.


Kerb Appeal

Flat roofs can be extremely attractive and when installed properly can add kerb appeal to your property, increasing its value. The design possibilities are endless, with green roofs, roof gardens and solar panels all popular options. Used more and more for domestic buildings as well as commercial properties, a flat roof design creates a modern and unique aesthetic.


Our Trusted Roofing Services


At SWF Roofing & Building Ltd, we offer an extensive range of property improvement services for customers in the North West of England and North Wales. One of our specialist areas is roofing, so if you’ve been looking for a reliable roofing contractor in Chester then look no further. We create aesthetically-pleasing, durable and long-lasting new roofs by combining quality materials with expert craftsmanship.


Whether you require the installation of flat roofs, roof repairs or damp proofing, we’ll be able to provide solutions to suit your property, budget and personal requirements. All roofing services are completed by our certified team and we even provide our own scaffolding to keep your project costs down.

Want to know more about flat roofs or our professional roofing services in Chester? Call us today on 01948 818417 to speak to a friendly roofing contractor from our team.

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